[Chimera-users] Dropdown list of models in groups

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Aug 22 16:22:17 PDT 2018

Hi Yasser,
	Grouping was something that was shoehorned into the Model Panel well after it was originally designed and implemented, and so it doesn’t work quite as naturally as it could otherwise.  Others have pointed out that ChimeraX has a more natural grouping mechanism in its Model Panel, though it lack other capabilities (such as adding notes).
	I guess I don’t understand what you’re saying about “losing notes”.  Groups don’t have notes themselves — any note you add to a group gets added to all the models in the group instead.  If you then ungroup and regroup those models, it will show the same note that you added (unless you then add/edit notes in the individual models).  You are correct that you lose which particular models were composing the group though.


> On Aug 22, 2018, at 2:16 AM, Yasser Almeida Hernández <yasser.almeida at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am working with groups of models, and I wonder if there is a way to make a group, with a defined name, and then inspect each models independently without lose the group. Currently, if I make a group, and then ungroup, I lose the definition, notes ans any other action on it. If there is no possibility, I would suggest the developers to consider the option to make groups with dropdown list of models.
> Best
> Yasser
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