[Chimera-users] Label hydrogen bonds

Pawan Mainkar pawan_10549 at iari.res.in
Sat Apr 28 01:03:06 PDT 2018

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Platform:        windows_x86_64
Chimera Version: 1.11.2
Respected sir,
I am a PhD student in the discipline of Biotechnology, actually sir  i am working on Enzyme-inhibitor docking study and i did docking using Cluspro and then i want to check how much interaction by visualizing the inter molecular hydrogen bonds with proper labeling (like in structure hydrogen bond between D45-S89 with 2.3 Angstron) ,but sir am only able visualize only hydrogen bonds in Your software UCSF Chimera but am unable to label it with proper amino acid along with distance so i request you sir please tell me how to do that or provide me any video file regarding the same
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