[Chimera-users] STL File export size

David Bhella David.Bhella at glasgow.ac.uk
Fri Sep 22 03:24:55 PDT 2017

The free software package meshlab is very effective at reducing the complexity of 3D scenes for printing.
There is a tutorial here:


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> On 22 Sep 2017, at 10:38, Healey, Joe <J.R.J.Healey at warwick.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi Chimera team,
> I'm dealing with some protein structures that vary quite a lot in size. I'd like to make 3D printable versions, so I'm exporting STL files.
> Is there any way to reduce the file size of the exported STLs? How might one control the level of detail (triangulation) of the exported file - I suspect the defaults are including a lot of detail that a 3D printer wouldn't even be able to replicate in the first place.
> Many thanks
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