[Chimera-users] Scripting commands for existing morph

Cristina Paulino c.paulino at bioc.uzh.ch
Thu Mar 23 09:37:09 PDT 2017

Dear all,
I would like to create a movie from an existing morph between two pdb coordinates. 
I was able to create a movie via the GUI as described in the manual. However I prefer to use scripts as it allows me to control every single step. I would like to be able to define exactly which frames should be shown when. 
For example, I would like to define in a script that it should wait at endpoint one (first structure) for x number of movie frames. Then interpolate (morph) to the other endpoint (second structure) for x number of movie frames and then wait again for a specified number of movie frames. Or even more complicated rotate the molecule or superimpose something else while it is interpolating/morphing between the pdb coordinates. 

Can anyone help me out? I couldn't find any good description for this. 

Many thanks in advance

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