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Hi Arthur,
Select your nucleotides and then you can either use the command line with : color byhet selected

Or go to Actions > Color > by heteroatom.


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Subject: [Chimera-users] QUESTION

I am working with a stretch of dna oligos bound to proteins.

I selected all the nucleotides on one strand, showed the atoms as sticks. Then I realized I had wiped out the original colors of the atoms, oxygen, red and nitrogen, blue.

How can I restore the atom colors by selecting those nucleotides, and changing the atoms back to their typical colors – as a group. I know how  to change the colors of the atoms by first showing them as balls and sticks and then selecting the atoms I want to color. But with 10 nucleotides that is a bit of a pain, selecting them on the screen image. I seem  to recall that there is a way to do color all the same atoms at once, but forget how.

If I hide the nucleotide side chains, then show them again, I get back to the view where the atoms are not selectively colored.


Arthur G. Szabo

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