[Chimera-users] Is it possible to translate single selected marker when many other models are still active, using constrained move function?

Jun Ha Song junhasong at berkeley.edu
Fri Jul 7 09:26:43 PDT 2017

Hello all,

[image: Inline image 2]

I am looking at my map, which I have zoned one flat plane of it, not from
the top, but at inclined angle of 10˚ from above.

My goal is to move markers that are at the far side of this plane from left
to right (Red Arrow), without the marker going out of the plane. Because I
am looking at my plane not from the top, any movement of my mouse in y-axis
of my view, will cause my marker to go outside of the plane. The only way
to move the marker, using Movement Mouse mode, is to solely translate my
mouse in x-axis using xy-translation (Middle Mouse Button).

Because it is impossible to solely move my mouse in x-axis only, I tried to
use Constrained Movement tool to limit my translation in one axis only, but
I soon discovered that constrained movement is applied to all active models
in the session.

Is it ever possible to use constrained movement only for the marker that I
have selected, which will move due to Movement Mouse mode being set at
"Move Selection"?

I was actually fortunate enough to find a little utility called "DragLock",
which literally locks the axis of drag translation in either x-axis or
y-axis, "DragLock" is only functional for Windows, not for Mac.

Any method to limit my mouse translation in x-axis only would suffice, and
I know constrained movement already provide exactly that; if only I can
move one marker of my selection, not entire active models.

Any advice would be helpful!

Jun Ha Song.
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