[Chimera-users] Segmentation fault when issuing chimera command

Hui Shi huishi at uw.edu
Tue Feb 28 16:55:21 PST 2017

Hi there,

Sorry for bothering you guys! I’m wondering if someone can help me to resolve the problem I have here.

I’ve recently installed chimera-1.11.2 under CentOS 7 system. And I have a Nvidia GeForce TURBO-GTX1080 graphic card on my computer with NVIDIA driver Version 375.39 installed.  

But when I run issue the chimera command thought the terminal, an error message “Segmentation fault (core dumped)” was thrown out. I googled this problem and found in a previous message of chimera-users that this should be a problem of driver issue. Also, on the “benchmarks” link of chimera, GeForce GTX 1080 has been tested under Windows with NVIDIA 368.81 driver version. 

I could not find this driver version for 64-bit Linux system. Since I have already installed the newer driver version (375.39), I would think this should work.

Any suggestions on how to deal with problem? Thanks a lot in advance!


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