[Chimera-users] Windows & dialogues outside the screen

Hernando J Sosa hernando.sosa at einstein.yu.edu
Wed Feb 22 08:16:25 PST 2017

Dear UCSF-Chimera,

I have noticed (perhaps since I upgraded, currently running  v1.11.2) that  when opening new windows/dialogues many times they pop-up outside the screen. This seems to happen more often when many windows are opened simultaneously.  It is more of a nuisance than a real problem but it can get annoying having to  continuously search for those elusive windows. So I  wonder if there is a way to fix this behavior (e.g. to force newly opened windows to always appear on top and within the screen boundaries) .

I am running Windows 64 UCSF-Chimera version 1.11.2
on a Windows 7 and  Windows 10 machine (problem  occurs in both computers)  



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