[Chimera-users] Visualisation of membrane proteins

James Starlight jmsstarlight at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 06:03:39 PST 2017

Dear Chimera users!

I am on the preparation of interactive molecular visualisation,
focusing on ligand-binding representation in GPCRs system.
Working with the X-ray structures of the receptor bound with the
ligand, I wonder to ask some suggestions:

1 - I need to move ligand from ligand binding pocket burried within
receptor (as on default in the X-ray structure) towards the selected
position outside of it - e.g in case where I would like to depict
"vestibule" for the ligand enterance. As I understood for the
realisation  I should to select ligand within the current model and
than to copy it to new model (layer) which then should be moved
against the structure, shouldn't it?

2- Is it possible using some Chimera tool to indicate "approximate"
membrane plane assuming that GPCRs structure is shown in latteral

Thanks so much for the help!


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