[Chimera-users] Contour level animation ?

Elaine Meng meng at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Feb 3 16:33:10 PST 2017

> On Feb 3, 2017, at 4:21 PM, esserlo at helix.nih.gov wrote:
> Hi Elaine,
>  for a small demonstration, I want to make a movie in chimera where I animate
> a change in contour level. I have an EM map with noisy features that improve
> upon changing the level. I can do it by hand in the volume section but I
> cannot figure out what parameter it is even if I wanted to set it on the
> command line.
> Setting it on the command line I suppose would be the first step but then my
> question is: can this parameter be changed during an animation?
> Thanks,
>   Lothar

Hi Lothar,
Yes, you can use the “volume” command “level” option to change the contour level.


The “volume” command doesn’t itself have frames option, but you can combine it with the “perframe” command to perform a gradual change in a single line, as illustrated with this video mini-example:


We generally encourage emailing questions to chimera-users (CC’d here) unless they involve private data, since others may like to know the answer.

I hope this helps,
Elaine C. Meng, Ph.D.                       
UCSF Computer Graphics Lab (Chimera team) and Babbitt Lab
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
University of California, San Francisco

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