[Chimera-users] Help with coordinates please

drew richardson drew_andalso_lou at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 1 08:48:28 PST 2017


I am very new chimera and I am having to use it for a project at university. I have to create a picture from chimera and then list commands so anybody can recreate it just by typing in the commands in the command box.

The problem I am having is: once I have rotated and zoomed manually using the mouse I don't know how to recreate that position and view by using typed commands. I can't even seem to find anywhere the coordinates of the new rotation.

Could you please help me? How do I recreate the zoom and rotation using commands only, so that anyone wanting to recreate the view I have can do it just by typing in a list of commands after loading my original PDB file?

Kind regards

Drew Richardson

ID: 27927431

(1st year biochemistry)
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