[Chimera-users] Regarding getting the .pdb file of glutamine

Dilip H N cy16f01.dilip at nitk.edu.in
Thu Aug 24 02:16:15 PDT 2017

1] I am having difficulties in getting the Glutamine.pdb file in chimera.
I tried in Build Structure - Peptide and in peptide sequence if i type GLN,
i am getting peptide of glutamine...., but what i want is just glutamine
molecule, and not a peptide..
So how can i generate a glutamine molecule in chimera....

2] Another question in Diglycine peptide, i want to insert CH2 in between
the molecule (say in between C=O and CA), How can i insert the methyl group

Any suggestions are highly appreciated

-- With Best Regards,

Ph.D Student

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