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Wed Aug 23 16:03:20 PDT 2017

I am interested in a structure 1GSG deposited in 1990. The PDB index for this file shows the enzyme Gln tRNA synthetase with  the usual ribbon structure, bound to tRNA(Gln).

When I  fetch 1GSG using either the PDB file  number only, or that file number input into PDB biounit, the structure that comes up does not have the helical or β-sheet secondary structures shown as ribbons. Rather the entire protein backbone is shown without any secondary structure definition.  One can see the helical segments  in the worm like  structure, but not in the form of the usual helical secondary structure.

How can I  retrieve a structure that is  similar  to that in the PDB index list.

I have enclosed the following:

[cid:image001.png at 01D31C42.7C7B48F0]

This is  what comes up when I fetch the PDB file.

[cid:image002.png at 01D31C42.7C7B48F0]


Arthur G. Szabo
Professor Emeritus

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