[Chimera-users] mysteries

Arthur Szabo agszabo at outlook.com
Mon Apr 10 15:35:03 PDT 2017

After several different occurrences at different times of the same thing I finally decided to ask 1) What happened ?2) How can I reverse it?

Now the hard part is  to try to described what happened.  I was working on a figure - it  does not seem to depend on its complexity.

I had a figure on the screen, ribbons colored, selected amino acids visualized.

I did something with the mouse I believe, though  it might have been that my finger touched something  on the keypad - what  happened was  that the majority of the structure disappeared. Parts of it were there.  I could rotate  it and different parts  of the structure would come into view and what had just been visible faded away. It was like  on rotation portions of the structure would be moving in the plane  of the view, but could move out of that plane  I was also able to enlarge whatever portion of the image was on the screen.

I know that this is difficult to answer because one really has  to see the result  of whatever I  clicked or something else.  It is not just a random event.

Thanks for any tips.

Arthur G Szabo
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