[Chimera-users] Rotamers in Chimera

Lew Jacobson ljac at pitt.edu
Sat May 28 12:19:02 PDT 2016

I am using Chmiera 1.10 build 40304 on a Mac.  (I am a leftover Midas user!)

So far as I can tell, this version is still using the Dunbrack 2002 
rotamer library. Is any subsequent version using the improved 2011 
Dunbrack library? If not, can you instruct me how to incorporate that 
newer library into Chimera?


Lew Jacobson
Dr. Lewis Jacobson
Professor of Biological Sciences
Univ. of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh PA 15260
Fax 412-624-4759
LJAC at pitt.edu

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