[Chimera-users] repeat question

A G Szabo agszabo at bell.net
Mon May 9 18:28:17 PDT 2016

I am trying to make the sphere of an ion in an active site larger than what
appears in the structure.

I asked a similar question back in December, and on checking my notes I
tried to use the command

setattr ballScale 0.5 

I first selected the ion using control<click). The ion was selected. I then
tried the command line as I show it above.

Nothing appeared to happen.

Indeed I tried to do the same for an atom of a residue that I had selected
using control <click> again nothing.

I must have forgotten something. 

A message from Elaine suggested that I use

setattr m ballScale 0.5

Am I supposed to select the residue and leave out the m?

Thanks for your patience.

Arthur Szabo
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