[Chimera-users] default position in space

Jakob Suckale jakob.suckale at uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Mar 7 02:39:11 PST 2016

Dear Chimera team,

What determines the position of objects in space?

I have done some testing with tubulin (1TUB), hemoglobin (1HHO), and
collagen (1BKV). They all end up in very different and seemingly
random position in print space after STL export (see screenshot).

Is there a way to predict how items will appear to allow one to adjust
the position beforehand with move commands?

This is secondary for in silico simulations within Chimera but crucial
for printing of real models. If they are cut by the plane everything
below will not be printed, i.e. tubulin in my example would not be
printed at all without adjustments and the others would be cut.

All the best,

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