[Chimera-users] Displaying Labels without displaying Atoms

Nicholas Hyman nicholas.j.hyman at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Jun 23 09:44:04 PDT 2016


I have been working with labeling EPR restraints on a protein model through
chimera. I would like to show a label of the distance between two residues
and color it to show how well the model fulfills the restraint.

I worked with the distance function, but I could not figure out how to
change the color of the label through the command line, as there are quite
a few restraints. I was able to achieve the desired result by writing a
python script that makes a pseudo bond file.

My issue is that in order for the labels to be shown, atoms must also be
displayed. This creates a lot of complexity and makes the labels difficult
to read. I was wondering if there is any way to keep only the ribbon
display but add the labels in still? Please let me know what you think.

Nicholas Hyman
*Nicholas Hyman*
Vanderbilt University, Computer Science and Chemistry, Class of 2018
(770) 314-9270 | nicholas.j.hyman at vanderbilt.edu
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