[Chimera-users] Chimera is featured on LabWorm this week!

Alon V alon at labworm.com
Wed Jun 15 04:51:59 PDT 2016

Dear people of Chimera,
I'm Alon, a co-founder of LabWorm.com , a discovery platform that exposes top research tools with the goal of
promoting a more open, collaborative and cutting edge science.
Our community members have recently submitted Chimera to LabWorm. Since we
thought our community could greatly benefit from getting to know a resource for
powerful molecular visualization such as Chimera, we decided to feature it on
our main feed under “New this week” here . Featured tools are voted on by the community and the top 5 voted tools appear
in our weekly newsletter.
I invite you to join our community. Once you register an account(s), I'll also
be able to designate that account(s) as official creator/representative of Chimera , just reply to this e-mail with your account(s) name(s).
Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or questions.
Best wishes,
Alon Vitenshtein
Co-founder | LabWorm.com | @TheLabWorm
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