[Chimera-users] UI suggestions - Save map

Oliver Clarke olibclarke at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 12:12:56 PDT 2016

Hi, minor suggestion for Chimera, related to dealing with large numbers of

It would be really helpful if there was a 'Save map' dialog in the
'File...' menu, with similar dropdown menus to select the map one wants to
save as for the 'Save PDB' dialog. Doing so via the volume viewer is a bit
clunky when there are lots (e.g. 10+) of maps loaded.

Even better would be if it included a 'Save relative to map' dropdown,
analogous to the 'Save relative to model' drop down in the 'Save PDB'
dialog, which would resample the map to be saved on the grid of the
selected target map (perhaps warning of the potential for a modest loss of

This would be really helpful when one aligns many different conformations
of a molecule (e.g. from 3D classification) to a reference subvolume and
wants to save the resulting transformed maps.

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