[Chimera-users] Positioning changing over time

Marvin Albert marvin.albert at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 01:54:35 PDT 2016

Dear chimera users,

I was wondering whether any of you could help me with this simple problem: The aim is to make a movie displaying the evolution of predefined meshes over time (see attached python script).

Overall the script works and produces a movie. However the mesh gets displaced slightly between the different time points. This results in an annoying random wiggling.
I checked the original .wrl files and the indicated coordinates do have consistent positions (meaning the displacements are produced by chimera).

How can I get a smooth movie?

Might there be something unexpected happening when I repeatedly call runCommand(“open <file1.wrl>”) and runCommand(“close all”)?

Thank you so much in advance!
With kind regards,

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