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Karel W. F. de Pourcq karelw.f.depourcq at e-campus.uab.cat
Wed Jul 13 09:43:50 PDT 2016

Dear Chimera team:

I am a student of a Msc. in Bioinformatics at the Autonomous University of
Barcelona. I am using Chimera to prepare visual representations of
molecular events, and I write in order to ask if there is a straightforward
way in which to:

a) Create a sphere of a certain diameter:
Yes, I found how to do it already: with the "shape" command. This is solved.

b) In an orderly and distributed way, cover that sphere with a number of
copies of a molecule chain, anchored over the sphere's surface by one of
their ends (and the other end of the molecule protruding towards the
I believe I could do it manually for a small system. Is there some kind or
automated and more convenient way to do this for a large sphere, linking
its surface with hundreds of molecules of -for instance- dodecane? I could
not find explicitly a way to do something similar to what I am trying to do.

I attach an image of a 2-d representation of something similar to what I
would like to represent. The difference is that I would like to cover the

[image: Imágenes integradas 1]

I thank you a lot in advance for your time.
Kind greetings from Barcelona, Spain,

Karel De Pourcq
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