[Chimera-users] Will ChimeraX be built with a universal undo?

Oliver Clarke olibclarke at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 12:23:02 PST 2016

Hi Tom, I understand re not having an undo for deleting or closing
molecules, but un-deleting parts of models would definitely be nice unless
it is technically difficult/impossible to implement.

Basically, as universal and reversible an undo/redo function as possible,
preferably bound to Cmd-Z/Shft-Cmd-Z to undo/redo the  most recent action,
would make using Chimera much easier, particularly for new users who are
still learning their way around the interface.

Having granular control over which of several recent actions to undo is a
nice-to-have, but not essential - usually if I want to undo something, it
will be the last thing I did which I have just realized was a mistake -
deleting the wrong selection, closing the wrong molecule, etc etc. Along
the same lines, having an autosave or history function that saves the state
of the session at regular intervals in the background would also be very


On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 3:09 PM, Tom Goddard <goddard at sonic.net> wrote:

> Hi Oliver,
>   We would like to have undo in ChimeraX.  I envision being able to undo
> the things you most commonly want to undo: color change, selection change,
> moving one model relative to another, maybe molecule style change (ribbon,
> sticks, which residues), maybe show/hide changes.  These will be accessible
> from a standard single Undo menu entry which will tell you the most recent
> action which would be undone.  But undo won’t undo everything.  I don’t
> think we will undo deleting atoms or molecules, adding hydrogens, basically
> creating and deleting things.  None of this undo is in ChimeraX yet.  I
> would be happy to hear if there are more common undo cases.  I will likely
> add them one-by-one so knowing the most important ones is helpful if you
> have suggestions for that.
>         Tom
> > On Feb 10, 2016, at 5:39 AM, Oliver Clarke  wrote:
> >
> > I realise this is probably impossible to alter in the current version of
> chimera, but will the next-gen Chimera be built with a universal (or at
> least much expanded) undo function (or set of functions)? Or if not what
> are the devs thoughts on this - I know it is a complicated issue, but the
> capacity to backtrack after making a color change, deleting a selection,
> etc, would be very very welcome.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Oli
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