[Chimera-users] Crossfade and disp

Daniel Asarnow dasarnow at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 13:52:49 PST 2016

Hello Chimera experts,
Here is another movie making question. I noticed that disp and ~disp
trigger frames to be recorded, without a call to wait.

For example:

disp #2
movie crossfade 25
~disp #2
disp #3

This would produce a movie that crossfades from model #2 to blank, with #3
suddenly appearing.

To get crossfades between two ligands, I had to use:

disp #2
movie crossfade 25
perframe "~disp #2" frames 1
disp #3
movie crossfade 25

Based on the documentation I wasn't sure if this was intended behavior or a
bug. Did I miss a more elegant way to crossfade between two models?

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