[Chimera-users] How to find symmetry parameters for icosahedral molecule

Haselbach, David david.haselbach at mpibpc.mpg.de
Thu Dec 8 00:16:57 PST 2016

Hi everyone,

sorry to ask such a basic question. I have a cryo EM density map 3.2 A of a icosahedral molecule and I already build the model of the monomer. I would like to place the remaining 59 copies and calculate the BioMT matrix for it. I started playing around with the sym command, but I couldn't get it working nicely. It's probably a problem of the coordinate system, but I couldn't figure it out. Than I thought there must be an automatic way and I tried Multifit but also this failed me miserably as the runs fail continuously with "stderr".  So I was wondering is there a protocol to do this?

Already thank you for any suggestions,


Dr. David Haselbach
Max-Planck-Institute for biophysical Chemistry
Department for structural Dynamics
Am Fassberg 11
37077 Germany
Tel. +495512011302

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