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Hi Neha,

  The space group for 3HR2 is P1 which means the unit cell contains only one copy.  This is reported by the Chimera Unit Cell tool (menu Tools / Higher-Order Structure / Unit Cell).  To show multiple copies press the Options button on the Unit Cell dialog and change Number of Cells from 1 1 1 to say 2 2 2 and press Make Copies to get molecule copies in a 2 by 2 by 2 grid of unit cells.

  It sounds like you also want the Unit Cell outline box to have corner at (0,0,0) and that is not what happens.  Instead it shows another unit cell outline that contains the center of the molecule.  This bizarre structure is 4 times longer than the unit cell so the center likes in a unit cell that does not have corner at (0,0,0).  Unfortnately the tool does not let you show other unit cell outlines, just this one centered at the molecule.  If you absolutely had to get a different unit cell outline you could try to translate the outline model by multiples of the unit cell axes vectors.  But you would need the coordinates of those vectors which would be somewhat tricky to get since the cell is skewed.


> On Nov 30, 2016, at 11:04 PM, Neha Gandhi wrote:
> Hi Elaine,
> I have tried to look at the unit cell information of pdb Id :3HR2. It is a fiber diffraction structure of collagen with only CA coordinates. I tried using different programs like VMD to visualise unit cell, the unit cell is at the  beginning of N terminus in agreement with experimental paper. Whereas in Chimera it is not the case. How can I visualize the unit cell of 3HR2 structure in Chimera and also number of molecules within one unit cell?
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