[Chimera-users] Manually adjusting alignment

Visvaldas K. coyote_v2002 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 02:07:37 PDT 2016

Dear All,
I wasn't able to adjust alignment in the Alignment window, and search did not find an answer (because I get great number of false negatives)...I tried shift-arrow, ctrl-shif-arrow and many times but only once the region moved "by accident", and I wasn't able to 
repeat this feat. 

To simplify the task, let's say I have in the alignment window:
I want to move "RF" by one residue to the left so that the top part becomes
What would be the sequence of keys, clicks/drags and so on to do that 
(also, how is the active region which is ready to move signified: green, green in a dashed frame, or perhaps white dashed frame)?
Sincerely yours,
Vis Kairys

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