[Chimera-users] 3D viewing

Mohamed Noor mohamed.noor at ul.ie
Wed Apr 6 16:23:22 PDT 2016

Dear all

Where can I find information on the hardware required for 3D viewing 
with Chimera? I am building my Linux system, so I would appreciate 
useful pointers.

1. IIUC, I need a Quadro card as this does not work with GeForce. What 
should I look for when selecting a suitable card?

2. I want to also have a second monitor. Since this is not going to be 
used for 3D, can I just hook up any normal monitor? Or do both monitors 
have to be the same model etc.?

3. I have read that I need to have a card with 3-pin DIN port. Is this true?


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