[Chimera-users] Morphs

Dr Kereiche skere at lf1.cuni.cz
Tue Sep 29 23:54:20 PDT 2015

Dear Chimera team,

 lately I am facing some problems for creating a movie in which I would like to combine 2 morphs with each other. 
To make it clearer, I  hope, 
I have 2 Em maps representing 2 states of my structure (vol #1 & vol #2) I did a morph maps (volume/ Morph map) after having recenter and align the 2 maps. it works perfectly.
 I did similar procedure with 2 pdb files (1.pdb & 2.pdb), corresponding to the fitted molecular structures of the 2 states (vol#1 & vol #2) ,  using the tool/Structures comparison/ morph conformation. The pbds are aligned with the EM map using VOP command.
Now I would like to combine the 2 morphs together to have a final morph of the EM maps with the molecular structure, but I could not find a way to combine them. Thus I would like to know if it is possible to do it ? and if yes how to do it. 
Moreover is it possible to play the morph of the pdbs in way of the morph of the EM maps back and forth?

Thank you in advance, 



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