[Chimera-users] uneditable format

Albert mailmd2011 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 11:45:23 PDT 2015

Thanks a lot for such helpful reply.

I found that there is some problem for both Firefox and Chrome under my 
Linux OS. It claimed that they didn't support webGL.

I am using Dell M3800 laptop which has Nvidia Quadra K1100 M plus Intel 
4600. I evoke the browser with command:

optirun /usr/bin/firefox

but the webGL still doesn't work....

Does anybody have any idea?

thx a lot

On 10/16/2015 08:11 PM, Tom Goddard wrote:
> One of the limitations that of WebGL export is that it doesn’t appear to display transparency correctly.  Also it doesn’t appear to handle lighting of meshes instead the mesh appears uniformly bright.  Both of these mess up the mesh in you example images.
> 	Tom

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