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Oliver Clarke olibclarke at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 09:20:18 PDT 2015

Hi Albert,

I'm pretty sure this doesn't exist at present, and I guess it would require
substantial changes to make it work - You'd need to make sure that chimera
couldn't write out anything after reading that session, and given that Chimera
is open source and has many different ways of writing data out that
might be tricky.

However, that said, I think having a read-only packaged session format would be
a very valuable addition (particularly if it incorporated support for
maps), because
it would solve a long standing issue in peer review of structural biology
results - how to provide raw data for inspection to reviewers without
providing maps
and models with no strings attached, which many PIs are disinclined to do.


>I've made a Chimera section which I would like to share with somebody
>else. However, I don't want the PDB within Chimera section to be
>exported by others. Is it possible for us to export some special file
>format so that other users can only visualize my file, but they cannot
>edit or export file into PDB coordinate?
>Thanks a lot
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