[Chimera-users] Problem on Nucleic Acid Ribbon

Francesco Papi francesco.papi at unifi.it
Tue Oct 6 02:47:21 PDT 2015

Good morning,

I'm working on a DNA X-ray structure. The problem I have observed is 
that the terminal nucleotide of the DNA sequence is excluded from the 
backbone ribbon, in other terms the backbone ribbon is shown and it is 
ok, but it is made of all the residues except the terminal one, which is 
linked to the ribbon by a long phosphodiester bond (see the attached 
image). Moreover, if I put the representation "Show side (sugar/base)", 
from the option "Nucleotides", to be "fill/slab", the terminal residue 
still features an "Atom & Bonds" style. The PDB file seems to be ok, as 
confirmed by a colleague. Do you how to solve this problem?

Best regards

Francesco Papi
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