[Chimera-users] Volume transformation based on Phenix symmetry operators

Morris, Kyle Kyle.Morris at warwick.ac.uk
Thu Nov 12 15:25:26 PST 2015

Dear Chimera developers and community,

I have a volume and an associated symmetry operator identified by another software package for this map.

I would like to transform the map according to the symmetry operator to inspect what the symmetry related map looks like, does anyone know how to do this based on the appended matrix?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best wishes,


>From Phenix:


rota_matrix   -0.0877   -0.5114    0.8549
rota_matrix    0.9251   -0.3601   -0.1206
rota_matrix    0.3695    0.7803    0.5047
tran_orth   578.6845  434.1862  -508.9168

center_orth  918.6495  790.3525  1034.0200

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