[Chimera-users] obj file origin

Erin Cutts erin.cutts at wolfson.ox.ac.uk
Fri Nov 6 10:01:44 PST 2015

I am trying to use the .obj file generated as a surface mesh. Where the chimera outputs it as a list of vertices (points in 3D), a list of nomals (which I ignore) and a list of faces defined by 3 vertex reference numbers, it is super easy to import this into any mesh handling software. The problem is it seems to reset the orgin (the 0,0,0 point) to some mysterious location. As I am trying to compare this to electrostatics stored in a grid mesh format, where the orgin is specified, it would be nice if I could find out where the .obj has translated the axis coordinates too... The problem could also be caused by Chimera loading the molecule with a translation. All this gets very hard to deal with and trace...Any ideas that doesn't lead to me getting lost in cartesian space?

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