[Chimera-users] Starting multiple copies of Chimera on Mac

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Tue May 26 12:06:51 PDT 2015

It is possible to run multiple copies of the same Chimera on a Mac.  Here’s how. From a Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal) type the command

	open -n -a Chimera

The -n option tells the Mac to start another copy of the application.  If you prefer to start the second copy by clicking an icon then you can make that icon using /Applications/Automator, choose to make an Application, select Run Shell Script, enter the command open -n -a Chimera as the script to run, then File / Save… to save this application as “Chimera+” or whatever you want to call it.  This icon always starts a new copy of Chimera so you can have as many running as you like.


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