[Chimera-users] Coloring selected residues based on B-factor

Mahendra B Thapa thapamb at mail.uc.edu
Thu May 7 13:56:53 PDT 2015

Dear Chimera users,

While using Chimera to study a protein with 511 residues, I colored
residues 1- 274 'dark grey', residues 274-417 'tan' and residues 418-511
'dark khaki'.
I want to color residues, say, 313,350,412,415,485,503, from blue to red
with an increasing order of  B-factors, say respective B-factors are
40,13,2,21,33,6 without altering the color of other residues. I manually
put these B-factors values for the corresponding residues; rest residues
have no b-factor values as the structure is obtained from a
simulation. I tried some unsuccessful attempts visiting some previous posts
(sorry if I missed such posts close to my query). Any comments and
suggestions might help me.

Thank you,
Mahendra Thapa
University of Cincinnati,OH
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