[Chimera-users] Request for axes measurements

Jayaraman T jram at pusan.ac.kr
Tue Mar 31 07:04:11 PDT 2015

I'm Jayaraman, pursuing PhD in Protein Engineering at Pusan National University. 
I just want to calculate the Axes for specific set of helical residue CA atoms and then to calculate the angle between them. 
Is it possible with Chimera and if so, please do help me out that how to do it. 
It would be grateful and looking forward to hear at your earliest convenience. 
Thank you. 
- - 
      With warm regards
  Jram | 201493155
  PhD Scholar
  jram at pusan.ac.kr
  Bio molecular Engineering Lab
  Dept of Chemical Engineering
  Pusan National University
  Busan, South Korea
  +8210 9906 3680
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