[Chimera-users] generating symmetry mates of a surface model created with shape command

Carmen San Martin carmen at cnb.csic.es
Wed Jul 1 02:49:08 PDT 2015

Dear all,

is it possible to generate symmetry-related copies of a surface model
created by the shape command? I am interested in masking out certain map
regions related by symmetry. I got the right shape at the right place but
now cannot figure out how to create the shape symmetry mates. The sym
command followed by the model number of my shape complaints that no
molecules are specified.



  Carmen San Martín, Ph. D.
  Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB-CSIC)
  Darwin, 3
  28049-Madrid (SPAIN)
  Email:  carmen at cnb.csic.es
  Phone:  34-91-5855450
  Fax:     34-91-5854506
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