[Chimera-users] dashed distance line

A G Szabo agszabo at bell.net
Wed Dec 16 13:17:44 PST 2015

I recently used the distance feature to determine the distance between two
alpha carbons in a protein. The view on the image showed a dashed line and
the distance in Angstroms. I had managed to change the color of the line and
numbers to a dark green, and thicker line.

So  I then snipped the image and put  it in power point.

Figure below:


As you can see the line and numbers are there.

Now look at the Jpeg file that is attached.

The dashed line does not show up. No big deal but perhaps there is a setting
that I missed when I saved the image.

Thank you.

Arthur G. Szabo
Professor Emeritus
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo Canada

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