[Chimera-users] Placing markers in specific points of an EM map using command line

Ana Lucia Alvarez Cabrera anlualca at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 5 09:04:51 PDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

I would like to know how can I place markers in  specific points within an EM map, using commands (and not the Volume Tracer option in the graphic interface).
I am doing a movie and I need to place markers in different regions of a map. By placing the markers first manually with the mouse (using the Volume Tracer option in the graphic interface) into the map and saving the respective marker set I can know the specific coordinates for each marker by reading the output marker file "suffix.cmm" (for example: <marker id="1" x="22.28" y="24.608" z="17.976" r="1" g="0.49804" b="0" radius="2"/> ), but I still don't know how to use this information when writing the command for placing the marker in that position.

Thanks in advance,


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