[Chimera-users] Auto dock Vina Increasing Exhaustiveness

Tunc Morova morovatunc at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 09:40:52 PDT 2015


I am using UCSF Chimera, Autodock Vina extension for obtaining conformations of my protein and ligand. In this interface, As you know, I can change the exhaustiveness value between 1-8. However, since my system is more than 30x30x30 A, I need to get my exhaustiveness value more than 8 for getting more accurate results. But I can’t make it more than 8 through Auto dock Vina interface in Chimera. How can I increase this exhaustiveness value ?

Btw, Instead of using Opal web service, I am using vina locally. 

Thank you many times for your help

Best Regards

Tunc Morova

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