[Chimera-users] Atomspec balloon don't show up

LINA MARCELA PEDRAZA CASTILLO lmpedrazac at uqvirtual.edu.co
Thu Apr 9 14:48:03 PDT 2015

Hi. (Sorry about my english, it's not my language)

Dear users:

I'm working on my thesis, and I use Chimera ucsf for everything, and
suddenly, one day, it stops showing the atomspec balloons, (when the cursor
is paused over an object (atom, bond, surface, *etc.*), whether to show the
corresponding label information in a balloon in the graphics window, and
PDB chain information, if available, in the status line

OK, That's what's no happening anymore, and I need it, so... Can you help
 me please with this issue?

I already read the docs and I did the modifications at preferences menu,
and modify:
*Label font* (*Sans Serif* - *Normal -* *16*
*Labels on top* (*true*
*Show atomspec balloon* (*true*
*Atomspec display style* (*simple*

Please, help me with this.

Thanks. I will appreciate it.
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