[Chimera-users] mclip suggestion - match to arbitrary plane

Oliver Clarke olibclarke at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 15:54:24 PDT 2015


Currently the mclip command can be used to match a model specific clipping plane to the global near/far clipping planes, or the per model clipping plane of another model. 

I think it would be a handy addition to a future chimera version to be able to match the per model clipping plane to an arbitrary plane, pre-defined in axes/planes/centroids - e.g. “mclip #1 match p2” would match the per model clipping plane of model #1 to the plane named “p2”.

This would be useful because it allows one to easily generate a per-model clipping plane that intersects a certain set of atoms, which also facilitates precise description of a figure.


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