[Chimera-users] fiting onto density map

Urszula Uciechowska urszula.uciechowska at biotech.ug.edu.pl
Mon Oct 27 05:47:58 PDT 2014

Dear Chimera users,

 I am trying to fit my protein structure onto an
density map. I loaded both the map file and my model coordinates
into Chimera. But it looks apparently that they are not in the same size
scale. My model is much bigger than the size of my map region where the
model is supposed to reside. I suspect the density map size is scaled
down somehow.

 I did a little research on internet but couldn't find a solution. Could
 you please advice me how to put them to the same size scale?

Best regards

University of Gdansk and Medical Univesity of Gdansk
Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
ul. Kladki 24
80-822 Gdansk

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