[Chimera-users] Can 'readstdin' capture stderr output?

Mungo Carstairs g.m.carstairs at dundee.ac.uk
Thu Nov 13 02:24:06 PST 2014


I am working on ?driving Chimera from Jalview using the stdin/stdout mechanism (expecting to migrate to REST in future).

I have a case where a 'match' command fails, but the stdout response does not show this.

Using the Chimera command line I can see a message (I guess to stderr)

'Unequal numbers of atoms chosen for evaluation'

but in stdout I just see the same message as for a successful match e.g.:

'Executing match ['#1:1-69.B,96.B at CA', '#0:1-69.A,96.A at CA'], no iteration'

Is there a way to detect that the match has failed and/or capture the stderr output?


Mungo Carstairs


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