[Chimera-users] Issue with Comparative Modeling Tutorial

Janan Zhu janan.zhu at duke.edu
Fri May 30 21:03:56 PDT 2014

I'm new to Chimera and I've been trying to learn about the various features
of the program through the tutorials.
I've been having issues with the Comparative Modeling Tutorial from the
User Guide (link here
<http://www.cgl.ucsf.edu/chimera/docs/UsersGuide/frametut.html>) - for some
reason, when I try to get updated zDOPE scores after deleting the unaligned
termini of the target sequence, the zDOPE scores fail to update, and I only
get new RMSD and overlap values. If I try calculating the scores again, I
get a message that all models already have scores assigned.
I've tried this both with the tutorial structure and some of my own
structures and I get the same result. Could anyone possibly provide any
assistance with this?

Thank you,
Janan Zhu

Janan Zhu
Duke University '16
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