[Chimera-users] help with surface coloring

Benda, Christian benda at biochem.mpg.de
Wed May 7 09:36:20 PDT 2014


sorry for a possibly stupid question but I seem to have a problem getting a molecular surface colored the same way as the atoms or ribbons of the underlying structure. Here’s what I did:

- selected two domains of a larger protein separately (sequence viewer) and colored each domain differently (say green and blue, ribbons and atoms are in the respective color)
- then selected the molecule in the model panel and clicked surface main
- I get a surface, but it is either transparent grey or a solid color (pink) of the color well displayed in the model panel (not the domain colors I selected).
- when opening the attributes of the surface, I can toggle between color source “atoms" or “model" but that only toggles between transparent gray and pink.  

I tried all kinds of combinations and clicks but I don’t manage to get the surface colored in the colors of the two domains.

Any hint? It would be highly appreciated!

Many thanks!


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