[Chimera-users] warning: Ignored bad PDB record found on line

Xiao-Bo Li x22li at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Jun 5 05:30:49 PDT 2014


This morning I kept getting this error

"warning:  Ignored bad PDB record found on line nnn"

whenever I use the python script to try to open a pdb file.  The python 
script I'm using is the usual "chimera.openModels.open(pdbID, 
type='PDB')[0]".  This function call is how I've always been using 
Chimera, and this morning is the first time I'm getting this issue.

I dont see a problem with my internet connection, and I can open the PDB 
file using File->Fetch by ID, so it doesn't seem like the pdb file has 
any problems.  Only the python script gives me problems. Is anyone else 
experiencing this problem?



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