[Chimera-users] Asking Help: Academic User

Robin Parmar robinim30 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 23:17:19 PDT 2014

Warm Greetings!
Thank you for Allowing me to use Chimera through academic license.
Yesterday(June 2nd) I was prompted to update Chimera to 1.9 version.
I accepted and installed it successfully on my system (windows7pro). Before
that I had removed Chimera 1.8.8.
The problem I face is, I can not open certain .pdb/.pdbqt fies saved in my
comuter. such files even do not exhibit chimera logo which earlier version
did. Even with "choose default program"  system can not open these files
insted other program (like spdbv) open them.
I have not made any change in my system after installing new version.
 Can I reinstall earlier vrsion(1.8)?
Kindly suggest me what best I should do to avail service (Academic
Research) of chimera again.

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