[Chimera-users] [External] import error from module: Togl

Mike Sivley mike.sivley at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Jul 25 09:28:39 PDT 2014

I apologize in advance if this becomes too system-specific, as I believe 
an automatic update of our server's python libraries may be to blame for 
this error. However, my hope is that others may have run into the issue 
as well and have already found a solution.

I have a python/chimera script that generates Chimera scenes with 
various annotations assigned to residues in a protein structure. This 
script worked without issue for several weeks. I returned from a week of 
vacation and now the script fails with the following error:

ImportError: No module named Togl

line 73, in <module>
     import Togl

Togl appears to be a deprecated library, so my best guess is that it was 
removed during some automatic update (possibly of PyOpenGL?) applied to 
our servers. However, Chimera is distributed with its own python 
executable and libraries, so I'm unsure how this type of change could 
have affected it. I am using the nightly headless linux build of Chimera 
from 05-13-2014. I have reinstalled chimera from the original .bin file, 
and I have also installed the most recent nightly headless build. 
Neither resolved the issue. I'm additionally confused because the 
exception is raised by tkgui.py, which by naming convention seems like 
it shouldn't even be called given that I am passing the "--nogui 
--silent --script" parameters to chimera.

The specific call to chimera is this:

chimera --nogui --silent --script 'lib/PDBMapVisualize.py 1hho 1 maf 
temp/61098856282.TEMP 1.000000 0.000000 
results/pdbmap_1kg_1hho_20140725-11 -'

Where lib/PDBMapVisualize.py is my script and everything following are 
arguments to that script. Nothing about this call or the script it is 
calling have changed between when chimera ran successfully and now.

Any help or advice in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated. 

Mike Sivley
PhD Student in Biomedical Informatics
Center for Human Genetics Research
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

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